Shares and Significant Shareholders
Ordinary Shares of nil par value
Ticker Symbol: SGR
The Company was incorporated in Guernsey under the Companies (Guernsey) Law 2008 with registered number 51355. The UK is its main country of operation.  Quoted on AIM since 29 March 2010. Shore Capital Group's ordinary shares are also listed on the Official List of the Bermuda Stock Exchange.
Total number of Ordinary Shares of 21,573,322. 59.16% of AIM securities not in public hands. The Ordinary Shares are freely transferable.
The table below shows the interests of persons who are, directly or indirectly, interested in 3%  or more of the issued share capital of the Company and also Directors' interests: 
 Name   Number of Ordinary Shares  % of Issued Share Capital 
 Howard Shore*  9,533,696   44.19 
 Graham Shore**   2,116,009   9.81 
 Aralon Resources and Investment Company Limited  1,267,380   5.87 
 Kevin Spencer and Zenith Insurance Management UK Limited 1,076,576  4.99 
 Miton Group plc  949,079   4.40 
 James Rosenwald***  538,412   2.50 
 Simon Fine 283,407  1.31 
 Zvi Marom  95,182   0.44 
 David Kaye 57,994  0.27 
 Lynn Bruce 50,000   0.23 
* 133,276 of these shares are held by Mrs Andrée Shore
** 1,950,683 of these shares are held through a trust in which he is interested
*** These shares are held in a company managed by a company in which he is interested
None of the above Shareholders have different voting rights from any other holder of Ordinary Shares in respect of any Ordinary Shares held by them. Shore Capital Group Limited is a company incorporated in the Island of Guernsey. As such, the rights of shareholders may be different from the rights of shareholders in a UK incorporated company.
This information was last updated on 28 September 2018.