Shore Capital is delighted to have been appointed to IXICO Plc (“IXI”) as Nominated Adviser and Sole Broker.

Overview of the Company (MKT CAP CIRCA £6m)
AIM-quoted IXICO Plc (“IXI” or “the Company”) aims to be a leader in digital healthcare for brain health delivering products and high value data solutions to key stakeholders in pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers (clinicians and hospitals) and payers. The business is split into two segments.

Clinical trials services
IXICO provides end-to-end imaging services to the pharmaceutical industry, biotech companies, academia and medical charities. The products and services developed are used to help select patients for enrolment in clinical trials and assess drug safety and efficacy.
The Company’s clinical trial services offering is underpinned by its TrialTracker product, a proprietary image data and query management platform that supports and underpins our clinical trials business. The Group has an international commercial alliance with VirtualScopics (NASDAQ:VSCP), a leading provider of quantitative medical imaging based in Rochester, New York enabling the Company to deliver enhanced and broader services to pharmaceutical customers on a global basis. 
Digital Healthcare
The Digital Health segment originated from the Group’s work in Clinical Trail Services. Its experience has enabled the Group to develop and commercialise technology into products that support clinical practice. Digital technologies are increasingly aligned with both healthcare providers’ aims to improve patient outcomes and the pharmaceutical industry’s clearly articulated focus on demonstrating the broader health and pharmaeconomic benefit of its treatments.