Principal Finance

Shore Capital Group has long deployed its strong and liquid balance sheet to make principal finance investments. Historically, these were to seed funds elsewhere in the Group, but this quickly broadened into making successful investments in other business areas.

Significant early examples were the acquisition of tech fund Jellyworks in 2000, the seed finance for Puma Brandenburg in 2006, and the acquisition of Puma Brandenburg in 2009.

The Group’s current investments include its controlling interest in Deutsche Broadband Dienste GmbH (‘DBD’), a German telecoms business, owned through Spectrum Investments Limited (‘Spectrum’). DBD’s 32 regional radio spectrum licences have been reallocated to the 3.700-3.730 GHz frequency band on a flexibilised basis, enabling their use for modern 4G and 5G services. The Group is therefore confident of the future prospects for DBD’s business and the value that can accrete from it.