Puma Investments backs GrowthAccelerator’s Hyper Growth Campaign

Puma Investments today announces its support for GrowthAccelerator’s ‘Hyper Growth’ campaign, which has identified a group of businesses demonstrating exceptional growth in the last year.

‘High growth’ is usually defined as a 20 per cent rise in turnover or headcount for three consecutive years – GrowthAccelerator, a government-backed support service for ambitious businesses, has identified a group of ‘Hyper Growth’ businesses which have achieved the same level of growth in just one year.

Hyper Growth businesses:

  • are GrowthAccelerator clients
  • achieved 65% + increase in Gross Value Added (GVA) and / or employment growth in year one of GrowthAccelerator (FY12/3)
  • achieved GVA growth of >£500,000 or employment growth of >10 people

Eliot Kaye, Investment Director at Puma Investments, commented: “Investing in growing businesses isn’t just about giving them money, it’s also about offering guidance and support in helping them to achieve their ambitions.  GrowthAccelerator offers exactly this. As an investor, to see that a business has worked with a GrowthAccelerator Coach to iron out any issues demonstrates a high level of commitment to growth, and offers a potentially valuable investment opportunity.  We’re particularly excited to be involved with the Hyper Growth campaign, which offers some fascinating insights into the managerial approaches and culture of high performing businesses.”

GrowthAccelerator is a business growth support service provided by the country’s leading business growth specialists and known for delivering tailored advice to high-flying, rapidly expanding SMEs. 

10 Secrets of Hyper Growth Leadership

1)      Hyper Growth leaders put people first: Attracting and retaining good people are the biggest challenges facing Hyper Growth businesses – they worry more about this than any other challenge, including losing customers and managing cash flow.

2)      Hyper Growth leaders aren’t too proud to ask for different opinions: They are receptive to advice and take it on board. The study outlines a spectrum of trust – Hyper Growth leaders are careful about who they go to for advice and are open to collaboration with those they view as peers.

3)      Hyper Growth leaders are chameleons: they adapt to the prevailing economic environment – surviving, and even thriving, in difficult times.

4)      Hyper Growth leaders spot and seize opportunities: They have a high level of alertness and quickly seize the right opportunities.

5)      Hyper Growth leaders boldly go where no competitor has gone before: Hyper Growth businesses are entering new markets at a far faster rate than average SMEs, and their leaders are significantly more confident in doing so.

6)      Hyper Growth leaders’ creativity doesn’t stop with the big idea:They drive innovation at a faster rate than average SMEs and also find creative processes to get their products and services to market quickly.

7)      Hyper Growth leaders are red hot: on the Insights Discovery® Personal Profile tool, more than two thirds of the Hyper Growth leaders studied demonstrated dominant ‘Red’ characteristics – competitive, demanding, determined, strong-willed and purposeful.

8)      Hyper Growth leaders rate their ability to motivate and inspire however they are less confident about personal development: They generate a positive team dynamic, empowering staff and fostering creativity, however they struggle to offer work / life balance or support team health and wellbeing.

9)      Hyper Growth leaders learn more from their mistakes than their successes: despite achieving phenomenal recent success, Hyper Growth leaders turn to the darker times in their past for inspiration and lessons for future success.

10)   Hyper Growth is no accident: Finally, Hyper Growth leaders are clear about their goals for growth and plan to achieve them. The targets they set are very ambitious and in the majority of cases, they meet or exceed these goals.

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